Dry Stack Walls

Dry Stack Walls are generally defined as walls that are built without mortar. This is an ancient technique that has its roots in the necessity to retain soil. While it is a very simple and cost effective method of wall construction, it can also be effective as a landscape design statement. Now that we have said that, let’s pay attention to what Kelly Roberson and BHG.com suggests for ten ways to cleverly use dry stacked walls in your landscaping and hardscaping plans.

Create or enhance a cottage style by allowing these type of walls to “frame” or hold flowers and plants in place in a casual fashion as shown below.via BHG.com

via BHG.com

To provide au natural seating on a property, dry stack walls can be a perfect solution, again as shown below via BHG.com.

via BHG.com

Edge a water feature by using a simple dry stack wall or, as shown below, support a terraced area.Brauer limestone

Brauer limestone

Lastly, in this first five suggestions, is to make use of the mid sized nature of these type of stone walls to ease the transition from gardens to grasses. Stay timed for five more ideas next week.

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